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Niabi Zoo Foundation is happy to support the zoo as they move toward the masterplan goal. Looking to the future of this wonderful Midwest jewel, we are excited about changes that will make your experience at Niabi Zoo a memorable one!

African Painted Dogs

  • Construction begins this spring! It won't be long, and you will see this happy playful species enjoy their new exhibit. Your support is so valuable. 

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Prairie Dogs

For your viewing pleasure!

A species appropriate habitat that will be complete with underground barriers to contain this burrowing species, large mounds, rockwork and native grasses.

Public viewing areas including a sheltered space as well as clear wall so guests from the Zoo Train can see inside the exhibit.

Educational displays to allow people to understand the plight facing this imperiled species and how they can help.

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Niabi Express

Anyone who has visited the Zoo knows that the Niabi Express is a key feature of the park! Most of you may have ridden the train a time or two, when you were little, or when you had your children or now that you have grand children or just because! It is a memory that you remember! Now and then, upkeep or renewal are a necessary result of the continual use...after all it's a machine. Niabi Zoo Foundation is ready to help support what the Zoo needs to keep this treasure running.

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